I'm Back!!!!

After a long break from blogging I'm finally back.
I'm still trying to gather some deals for you and hopefully I'll be up and running in a couple of days. 
Thanks for being so patient during my little break.

-Yours Truly

Laura Walker!!

Free International Delight coupon!!

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copy and paste the link!! This post might look a little different than my other ones, but it's because I'm doing this from my phone. Well, hope you request your coupon. Remember , if you have signed up to Vocalpoint, you must do so for this offer. It's a great site!!!

Important Update!!!!

In case you are wondering what happened to the site..... I was admitted to the hospital on February 26th. I began to feel contractions, & my Drs advised I stay in the hospital for the remainder of my pregnancy. Our baby Penelope has a few health concerns and she will require a team of doctors as soon as she enters this world. I'm in no pain right now, but my stay here so far has been pretty much like a rollercoaster. Thankfully I have lots of support from family & friends, and the military!!! Im in Naval Medical Center, in San Diego, which is one of the best hospitals with amazing Doctors & nurses. My husband has been staying here with me since day one, and we are just waiting patiently & buying time for her. I've gotten in the groove of things so I'll try to post whatever I can.
- Thanks, Laura