How to Sign Up

Hope this will help those of you who are trying to subscribe to my blog.
First, on the main page you must click : "Get delivered to your email Click Here"

Next you'll be taken to a different webpage, and you'll see on the right side that there is a box, in the box there are tiny boxes that say yahoo, google, aol....etc. Those are feed readers, and you don't want that. Right on the bottom of that grey box, you'll notice in dark blue a tiny envelope, and next to that it says....Get Lauras Frugal Life delivered to your email.    Click that link, and you'll be taken to another page where you can put your email address. 

Next thing is to wait for an email from me, and when you open my email, you'll be asked to confirm by visiting the link that is in the email.

Thats it, You did it!!!  just wait and watch the deals come directly to your email.
Tell your friends and family about my blog so they too can save money and get tips and ideas.

Thanks again.

-Laura Walker