Here is a little guide on how to shop at Vons!!!

Vons Loyalty Card:

-Vons offers a loyalty card which is absolutely free. It offers additional savings, and its worth scanning every time you are there. To obtain one, simply ask for one at the customer service desk, or ask the cashier. You may also sign up online. Click here to learn more about the Vons Club Card.

Vons Weekly Sale:

- Their sales usually run on a weekly basis. The flyer usually comes out in your junk mail, and it will run from Wednesday- Tuesday.  There is also a 3-day Sale that runs from Friday-Sunday.  Be on the lookout when you get your Sunday paper because I usually receive another Vons Sale flyer.

Double Coupon Policy:

-Vons will double your coupons.  Not as good as other states where they literally double your coupons.  Here's what I mean.  If your coupon is less or equal to $0.50 then the coupon will double.  If it is more than $0.50 then it will double but capped at $1.  Any coupon that is more than $1 will remain at face value. Also they will only double one like coupon per transaction. So lets say you have $0.25 off 1 box of cereal.  Lets assume you have 3 of those coupons, well only the first one will double.   What I usually do, and this all depends on how great the sale is, and how friendly and busy the store is.  I will either go to my car and come back in, or just simply ask the cashier to told my items.  Again, it all depends!!! Be courteous to others.

Vons Coupon Policy :

-I love carrying my coupon policies with me because it makes it so much easier when the cashier tries to deny a coupon. You may be right or the clerk may be right, but at least you can look at your coupon policy and make sure. Click here to print Vons Coupon Policy

*Vons will accept a Manufacture coupon along with a Vons coupon on a single item.
*Cannot use coupon on Free items in any "BOGO SALES"
*If manufacture coupon exceeds the item, then the coupon will be adjusted
*Manufacture coupons from other retailers logo or names and even catalinas from other retailers will be accepted
*Expiration dates must be visible
*Only valid printable coupons will be allowed, meaning if they scan correctly
*No "free item" printable coupons are allowed.

Vons Store Coupons:

-Usually Vons Store coupons are found in the weekly flyers.  Most of the time there is rules and regulations that must be followed with these store coupons. Sometimes you need to buy at least $10 of groceries before even using one. The good thing is that the minimum purchase requirement is BEFORE coupons and discounts.  Always check with the cashier on the rules.

Store coupons are also found ONLINE. To start receiving Vons Newsletter click here

Printable Vons store coupons are also found here , at Vons

Remember if you ever have any questions, the employees at Vons are always friendly.