Shoping at CVS is a bit of a mystery for some of you. Here I will try to explain how I shop here, and how I  haven't paid for many items for a whole year now, including toothpaste, make-up, shampoo, floss, and many more household items.

CVS has a weekly ad that usually comes out in the Sunday's Newspaper. You may pick one up at the store, or see it here online. Sale items are usually from Sunday-Saturday

--If you are going to start shopping at cvs, I highly recommend signing up for their Extra Care Card. You may pick up one up at the store, and you may do this online. Once you sign up for their card, you will be eligible to receive EXTRA CARE BUCKS!!!! 

The above is what an EXTRA BUCK looks like.
--Extra Care Bucks are simply the way CVS rewards its members. What happens is during the week, CVS will advertise an item that you may purchase for FREE or close to free when you swipe your CVS card. Here is an example:
During this sale CVS was giving you $4 extra bucks when you purchased any 2 of the items there. So lets say you buy (2) of the Rolaids - $3.99 ea = $7.98 total.
          When you pay your receipt will show $4 Extra Bucks.
          So you technically paid $3.98 for both Rolaids.
          -You may use your $4 Extra Bucks on future purchases, and
           they don't expire until a month.

                                            To make this deal even better, lets assume you have Rolaid manufacture coupons. Do the exact same deal:
                                                 Buy (2) Rolaids - $3.99 ea
                                                 Use (2) $2/1 manufacture coupons
                                                 Pay $3.98, and get back $4 in Extra Bucks.
                                                 **So technically you got two items for free.

Now the key thing to do at CVS is to only use your Extra Care bucks on future purchases that will also give you extra care bucks.  For Example. the $4 Extra bucks you just earned will be best used on another deal similar to that one. This will basically allow you to roll over your extra bucks. Your first purchase will be out of pocket expense, and after that you'll pay very little out of pocket, because you'll use most of your extra bucks.

There is no limit on how many extra bucks you may use, unless your purchase is less, they will not give you change back.

Your extra bucks are tied to your CVS card, so no one else may use them, and you may not use other people's extra bucks.

CVS also has other kinds of coupons. When you first sign  up to shop there, you will be rewarded with a coupon that is usually good for $4/20 meaning when you purchase $20 dollars, you get $4 taken off. Of course, this $20 is before coupons.

Another type of coupon is found by scanning your card at their price checker, also called Coupon Machine. I've found lots of nice coupons here, and I always scan my card before I even start shopping. These are CVS coupons and can be stacked with manufacture coupons. For example, lets say you have a cvs coupon for kelloggs cereal, and you have a manufacture coupon for Kelloggs cereal, you are able to use both on that 1 box. 

here is the order in which I recommend handing in coupons:

1. Hand in any $$/$$ coupons. Like the $4/20 or $5/15
2. Next hand in any CVS coupons
3. hand in any manufacture coupons
4. Finally hand in any Extra Care bucks .

good luck, email me if you have any questions.