Target Store Coupon Policy: Also found here
-Target accepts one manufacture coupon and one Target store coupon for the same item (unless prohibited)
-You may use Super Target coupons in the regular Target stores.
Target accepts valid printable coupons
-Coupons may be reduced if they exceed the value of the item after other discounts or coupons have been applied.
-Coupons from other retailers are not accepted.
-All coupons must be presented prior to paying.

Printing Target Store coupons:
You do not need to sign up for anything. These coupons are available on their website, and can easily be printed. Click here for Target Printable Coupons.  Check regularly as their offers do change from time to time. There is a limit on how many Target store coupons you may print, so keep that in mind.

Weekly Ad:
Every week Target releases a weekly ad, and it usually starts on Sunday, and ends on Saturday.


*Can I use coupons on something that is on sale?

-Absolutely, that is where most deals come from. Your coupons are worth more when you use them on things that are on price cut, or on sale.

*What if the cashier does not let me stack a coupon (using a Target and a Manufacture coupon on same item)?

-Simply say thank you, and you may walk over to the customer service. If there isn't a lot of people waiting behind you, simply ask to talk to the manager. They usually know the policy better than the cashiers. If that doesn't work you may call Target Store Relations : 1800-440-0680

*If an item is $0.97 , and I have a coupon that is worth $1 on that item , can I still use it?

-Yes, make sure that the coupon doesn't have a size restriction. You'll notice this right on the coupon, it will usually say.   (Save $1 on 1 Tide Detergent, excluding trial size.)
But sometimes the coupon will state the following : (Save $1 on ANY Tide Detergent) -->  travel size may be used with that coupon!!!!