Grocery Shopping Tips- Menu Planning

** One of the best ways to start saving money is by planning what you and your family will eat that week**

How to get started: ( here are my tips)

1. You will need a notebook, or a chart, or just a plain sheet of paper.

2. You may think to just jot down what you want to eat that week, WRONG!!!. The best thing to do is to start looking at the weekly flyers from stores that come in your mail.

3. Remember to  pay close attention to the prices in the stores, just because the store says an item is on sale doesn't mean it really is a good buy. ( I began to make a price list. A list with items I regularly purchase, and would jot down the price from various stores, and would determine the rock bottom price for each of those items.)

4.  Okay now that you have paid attention to prices and you see chicken is on sale  that week, try to incorporate chicken into 1-2 meals that week.

5. Purchase vegetables and fruits that are on sale, and are good buys, and use them in your meals.

6.  Remember that you do not need to make fancy and elaborate meals every single day. I usually make 1-2 fairly easy meals during the week. Its healthy anyways to not eat meat every single day of the week. Make 1 or 2 days a vegetarian dish. This also saves money.

7. One thing many people fail to do is using things they have on hand already.  Use as many items in your fridge, and pantry to think of meals. (Ask yourself, "How much food do I throw away?")

8. By taking 15-20 minutes coming up with meals using whats in your cupboards and fridge, and buying only those items that are on sale, you will save lots of money.

9. Take your list to the store, and STICK TO THAT LIST!!!! Stores know that you will impulse buy the more time you spend inside the store.

10. Of course part of this tip is to use coupons!!!!!