Sunday's Coupon Preview 10/10!!!

This Sunday there will be 3 inserts :  Proctor & Gamble, Redplum, and Smartsource.
Go to Southern Savers to see the entire list of coupons.
(I currently get 4 newspapers delivered to my door, and others can do the same, just by calling your local newspaper and asking about what deals they have. Remember to always get the largest city's newspaper, for example...If you can choose from your small city, and you also have L.A times, I would go with L.A times, just because they tend to have more coupons.  I would recommend purchasing your paper at a discount store like Dollar Tree, or any other store that sells it cheaper than the machines.  If you are not embarrassed like me, you can also go to a coffee shop, and just browse through the recycled newspapers. Usually they'll have a basket where customers can throw away the paper they've read. Many ways to get your newspaper cheap... its all about looking.)

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