Ralphs: Free Coolwhip

If your Ralphs is doubling coupons this week you'll be able to score free CoolWhip.  Sign up here to get $1/2 CoolWhip. They should be around $1 at Ralphs right now, but with the coupon, it will be Free if your store is doubling.

To see the rest of the great deals at Ralphs this week, head over to This Frugal Life, all of the deals are here, and there are tons of free things you can get if your store is doubling the coupons.!!! 
Ralphs normally only doubles up to $1. (a 25 cent coupon = 50 cents, 75 cent coupon = $1, etc) but this entire week, until Thanksgiving, Ralphs will be doubling up to $2 so that dollar coupon can ring up as $2 off!!!!!!!!

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