There is kindness in this world...........

After attending the Marine Corps Ball yesterday we thought today we would take it easy.  We decided that this morning we were going to treat ourselves to breakfast due to the fact that Carlos, (my husband) won $20 bucks yesterday at the casino.  (Our party took place there) 
Well, we thought we would try a new place that was recommended to us. Its called "Grandma's Restaurant" and its right off College in Oceanside.  The food was delicious, and there was a nice elderly lady who I don't think works there, but saw that we were waited on, and came over to us and asked if we were being helped already. Mind you we were already in our seats.  I figured she wanted to know because she might have wanted herself to be waited on too.  But then she asked whether I wanted something to drink, my husband and I both said water, but I was confused because she didn't work there.  Then I thought, "maybe she's the owner".   Well she came back with our waters, and told my husband "thank you for your service Marine".  We both smiled and said thank you.   Well, to make the whole story short....................we ate, enjoyed each others company.....and we were about to pay for our breakfast, when all of a sudden the waiter tells us that the kind lady had paid for our meals.   WOW !!!! right?   I couldn't believe it.  I was so full of joy, and it wasn't the fact that I didn't have to pay for my food, It was the fact that a sweet, nice lady, who we don't know decided to think of us that morning.  :)

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