Restaurant $25 gift cards for only $2!!!

As you may already know, eating out can be pretty expensive. People already spend lots of money on groceries, and they still eat out a lot, which just means that they are throwing away a lot of their groceries.  I know of a website called which you can visit right now, and receive a $25 gift card from their participating restaurants for only $2.  Now, you must read carefully to the rules and limitations. For instance, some restaurants will want you to spend $35 before you can use your gift card. But that is still really cheap becaus  35-25=10, plus the 2 you spent to buy the gc.   thats a total of $12 for a family who will eat $35 worth of food.   I say AWESOME DEAL.

Get your $25 gift card for only $2 by clicking here.  Simply type your state/zipcode.  When checking out use promo code LOVE to receive the discount otherwise I believe they are like $10. 

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