How to Get Coupons for FREE!!

Hello everyone....Is it possible that you get manufacture coupons without buying the newspaper???  ABSOLUTELY!!
Here's how:
  1.  Find a friend or neighbor who is willing to give you their coupon inserts.  You'll be surprised once you ask.  In exchange you may want to give them a bag of groceries every couple of weeks, or whatever you want of course.  

2.  Post an ad on craigslist and see if there is anyone who is also willing to give you their coupons.

3.  Visit a Starbucks or a McDonalds, a lot of people purchase the newspaper and do not take it home, or leave the entire paper there.  Usually there is a separate bin for recycled newspaper, and if you ask the employees will let you simply look through them and take whatever you want.  I just walk in sometimes and just go straight to the bin.  Unless the stash is sitting on the other side of the counter you may want to ask.  

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