How to shop at Vons!!!

 Hi everyone, If you live in my area, than most likely you have a Vons store near you.  Every week Vons has a store weekly ad. Their flyer will last a week, and it starts on Wednesdays, and ends on Tuesdays.  They will also release a 4 day sale. This flyer is usually found in the Sunday paper, and will last from Friday-Monday of that week.

Vons does have a coupon policy, which can vary depending on your store, but for the most part, they will double one like coupon. They will double any coupon less than $1, up to a dollar.  For example, if I have a .25 cent coupon, it will ring up as .50 cents. If i have a .50 cent coupon, it will ring up as $1. But if I have a .75 cent coupon, it will only ring up as $1.  Yea, we don't quite double like other stores in the East  Coast, but its nice anyway.

Okay, it gets better....Vons also has e-coupons. They are electronic coupons that you can load up onto your Vons card.  (Yes, you will have to have a valid, and working Vons Rewards card, which you can easily get from any cashier). The websites usually offering e-coupons are PGesaver, CellFire, and Shortcuts!! The only downfall of e-coupons is that they are only available once, and until the website resets the coupons can you load them again. (If I have an e-coupon , I can redeem it, but can't go back home and do it all over again, unless they reset it)

NOW LISTEN UP!!!!!! You may use a manufacture coupon, and an e-coupon together on the same product. Since the e-coupons are taken off only and if you slide your Vons card, you can then hand the cashier your manufacture coupons. Also if you have a Vons in ad coupon you can also hand in this one too. Most of the time when I shop there I will get money taken off through e-coupons, an in-ad coupon, and a manufacture coupon, ALL ON THE SAME PRODUCT.  Yes . this is definately the right way to do it.
Okay now that you have all the information for shopping at Vons, now you can wait for all the deals to come.

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